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Teen Book Review: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgram by Bryan Lee O’Malley, reviewed by teen volunteer Evan B. from the Schlafly Branch.

ScottPilgrimScott Pilgrim is a series of graphic novels that follow the adventures of the title hero, Scott Pilgrim. Scott is a 23 year old Toronto man. He was dating a 17 year old girl, Knives Chau. Later into their relationship, Scott begins to have bizarre dreams about a different girl. Scott wants to break it off with Chau without hurting her feelings, so that he can be with his dream girl. His dream girl, Ramona Flowers, can travel through an alternate dimension called “subspace”. In order for Scott and Ramona to become a couple, Scott must defeat all 7 of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends.  One of Ramona’s exes shows up in each book in the series.  In the first book, Scott must battle Matthew Patel.  Patel has a special power to summon “demon hipster chicks.”  Scott Pilgram is a series of 6 books.

After reading the books, you can check out the Scott Pilgram film, starring Michael Cera, from St. Louis Public Library.  This underated movie is a great translation of the books.

  1. Evan Burnett
    February 24, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    I am Evan B. Give me your questions

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