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Best Stuff of 2013 Continues . . .

And our list of the best stuff of 2013 continues.  Today we’ll highlight the best video games of 2013.

The Last of Us – (Naughty Dog, PlayStation3, Rated M for Mature): Hollywood wishes it could make a movie with this much feels.  This journey across a post-apocalyptic America is full of nerve-wracking encounters.  But, it’s the relationship between the world weary protaganist and the teenage girl in his charge, that keeps us playing.



Fire Emblem Awakening – (Nintendo, 3DS, Rated T for Teen): This tactical RPG is a true powerhouse of a game in the palm of your hand.  With epic battles, powerful characters, and solid gameplay, Fire Emblem will suck away your freetime like no other game.



Rayman Legends – (Ubisoft, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Ps Vita, rated E for Everyone): Once a Wii U exclusive, this superb platformer is a must play.  A game so addictive, that dispite its high difficulty curve, you’ll come back again and again.


There was a plethora of superb games released in 2013.  The titles above are but a taste.  With the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, 2014 looks to be an even better year for gaming.

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