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Teen Poetry From Carpenter Branch.

Teens from Carpenter Branch have been honing their poetic skills at Carpenter’s monthly Poetry Corner.  Their topic for December’s Poetry Corner was Facebook.  Here are some of their poems:


Facebook is the face of insincerity

of doubt & the face of shyness.

It’s saying your personality in real life

isn’t enough.  So make a facebook profile

and be this & that, but don’t ever be

the real you.  Never actually be serious,

but be what we want you to be.

Change to be that facebook person.

Its name ultimately is Fakebook.

By Tehaunnia H.


Facebook, F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K

Fierce – wild, untamed.

Accelerator – The in thing, you got

facebook you’re somebody.

Cyber-Bullying – the mean.

Epidemic – The disease that spreads and kills.

Baggage – Having to keep-up with the

It kids.

Omen – The badluck of a good kid

to get caught up in the mess it creates.

Outrage – The roar of anger of the people

who easily say things that can’t be

taken back.

Keen – The sharp end of the sword everyone

wants to have, but soon people

will find out it’s not always that way.

By  Mikaylah H.




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