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To Infinity and Beyond!

Last week was the 75th anniversary of the creation of Superman.  So what better time than this to list some great superhero books, graphic novels, and movies.  So, grab your cape and let’s go:

Because it’s Superman’s anniversary, lets start with a classic Superman story.  We all know now that Superman can never be killed, but this seminal comic by DC Comics shocked the world when it killed off Superman:

Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens

One of the bestselling graphic novels of all time tells the staggering story of Superman’s demise.  Released in January, 1992, “The Death of Superman”, covers the saga of Superman’s death and rebirth, and introduced the unstoppable death dealer known as Doomsday.


Another graphic novel, dealing with an equally famous hero, is DC Comic’s, “The Killing Joke”.  This compelling novel tells the story behind Batman’s greatest villian – The Joker.

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brain Bolland

The Killing Joke stirred a bit of controversy because the story involves the Joker brutally, pointlessly shooting Commissioner Gordon’s daughter in the spine. This is a no-holds-barred take on a truly insane criminal mind, masterfully written by British comics writer Alan Moore. The art by Brian Bolland is so appealing that his depiction of the Joker became a standard and was imitated by many artists to follow.


Now for a novel about superheroes.  This debut novel by Austin Grossman is a exploration of what it truly means to be all-powerful, and dealing with the responsibilty that comes with that burden.

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

Doctor Impossible—evil genius, diabolical scientist, wannabe world dominator—languishes in a federal detention facility. He’s lost his freedom, his girlfriend, and his hidden island fortress.

Over the years he’s tried to take over the world in every way imaginable: doomsday devices of all varieties (nuclear, thermonuclear, nanotechnological) and mass mind control. He’s traveled backwards in time to change history, forward in time to escape it. He’s commanded robot armies, insect armies, and dinosaur armies. Fungus army. Army of fish. Of rodents. Alien invasions. All failures. But not this time. This time it’s going to be different…

Fatale is a rookie superhero on her first day with the Champions, the world’s most famous superteam. She’s a patchwork woman of skin and chrome, a gleaming technological marvel built to be the next generation of warfare. Filling the void left by a slain former member, we watch as Fatale joins a team struggling with a damaged past, having to come together in the face of unthinkable evil.

Soon I Will Be Invincible is a thrilling first novel; a fantastical adventure that gives new meaning to the notions of power, glory, responsibility, and (of course) good and evil.


And finally, what would superheroes be without a good movie to tell their story.  This summer sees the release of another batch of superhero movies, but the highlight is surely Iron Man 3.  The third movie in this series, sees Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) face off against Manderin (Ben Kingsley).  Although St. Louis Public Library doesn’t have Iron Man 3 for you to check out, we do carry both the prequels.  So, you have no excuse not to catch-up before seeing this summer’s blockbuster movie.

Iron Man 3

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