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Wordsmiths Unite!

April is National poetry month.  Often, the mention of poetry is followed by a collective groan from classrooms the nation over.  Discussing Shakespeares’ sonnets, or breaking down the poems of Emily Dickinson turns many a student away from poetry.  The beauty of poetry can be lost in the academic study of these lyrical works. It’s sometimes hard to connect everyday life with the musings of these long past wordsmiths.  But, fret not.  A new form of guerilla style poetry is trying to cross the divide between everyday life and the appreciation of poetry.

120103_NMadelin waterline_0555






Have you seen guerilla poetry on you everyday travels?  Would you even notice it?  Why not bring a little bit of lyrical beauty into the lives of others and experiment with guerilla poetry yourself.  If not, there’s always Shakespeare to fall back on!

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