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A Cornucopia of Fun!

Central Library is gearing up for summer, but that doesn’t mean the fun hasn’t already started in the Teen Lounge.  As per usual, as winter retreats, people begin to feel happier, and more active.  So why not share those good vibes with staff and other teens by checking out some of the Teen Lounge’s April programs?

On April 9th we have our monthly Board Game Meet-up.  We now have a permanent in-house chess board set-up.  So whether you want to play with staff or other teens, or learn to play, this program is a great place to start.



The following week, on April 16th, we will be hosting our DIY: Thrift Store Monster Paintings program.  This is a fun and creative program for budding and veteran artists alike.  The library will supply a selection of paintings collected from Thrift Stores; then teens get to unleash their creative side and paint various beasts, monsters, and other imaginative creatures upon these unsuspecting landscapes.  Check out the photos below for inspiration, and let your creativity flow on April 16th.



If you have a travelling bug, why not check out our Travelling Teens program on April 30th?  This month we will be visiting the land of the rising sun, Japan.  In the Creative Experience, we will explore famous landmarks and locations, like Akihabara (Electric Town), using Google Maps and photos:


Then after this, we will move back into the Teen Lounge where teens can practice their origami skills by making origami dinosaurs; all whilst endulging their sweet tooth with a selection of Japanese sweets.  All of which were brought back from Japan itself by a staff member whom recently visited Japan.






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