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Teen Book Review.

More reviews have arrived from our teen ARC review program.

6270483Tyler H. who visits our Cabanne branch, read and reviewed Split by Swati Avasthi.  Tyler loved this book, and would certainly recommend it to a friend.  The book sleeve blurb was the enticing factor in picking this book.  But, the story definitely delivered.

Tyler said “I really enjoyed it.  The fast-paced, greatly imagined scenes, made me devour this book, and its brutally realistic content.”

Sounds like Swift is a definite thumbs-up!


Kirsten B., also from our Cabanne branch, read The Beautiful Between by Alyssa6783128 B. Sheinmel.  Kirsten didn’t come away a big fan!  The book sleeve blurb drew her in, but kirsten only managed to finish the book because: “My mom promised to get me something special for finishing the book, despite its problems.”

She mention that she would only recommend the book to someone who is having trouble sleeping.  Harsh words indeed!  She finished her review with these words – “The book had many grammatical and sentence structure errors.  This made the book somewhat hard to read and enjoy.”

Kirsten B. from Cabanne telling it like it is!  The Beautiful Between is avaliable at your local St. Louis Public Library, read it at your own peril!


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