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Filling in the Gaps.

With the holidays over, video game publishers are getting ready to release their first big titles of the new year.  Some major series are getting sequels and reboots over the coming months, and it’s going to be a busy time for gamers.

A vital part of  any modern video game now is the lore behind the universes we often find ourselves playing in.  Video game companies often hire famous writers, alongside an army of other writers, to create the detailed, fantastic, and more often than not, enthralling worlds that can keep us engrossed for hours.  These worlds don’t stop at the edges of our television screens though.

Accompanying most AAA titles now are comics, novels, encyclopedias, and artbooks.  All of these combined, help bring to life the digital stories we play out with our controllers.  Because just like with movies, it may be the stars and the glitz that draw us in, but it’s the stories, and the characters that tell them, that stay with us.

So if you are planning on picking up these upcoming games, why not check out some of the non-digital works that help build and shape the lore of your favourite game.

Dead Space 3 – PS3 and Xbox 360 – February 5th.

There have been some great novels and comics set in the Dead Space universe.  As with the other games in the series, the third game comes with an accompaning comic:

Dead Space Liberation by Ian Edginton.

Dead_Space_LiberationThis graphic novel follows one of the protaganists, John Carver, from the new game, as he trys to protect his wife and child in the ensuing chaos that breaks out on the planet he lives on.  The events of this book are set just before where the new game starts.  I’m sure by the time you finish this graphic novel, you’ll be dying to pick up a controller.




Gears of War: Judgment – Xbox 360 – March 19th

This award-winning, multi-million selling game has a huge, and deep backstory, explored in several novels, and comics.  The novels explore the universe and its character in great detail, and would be a great place to start.  The first in the series is:

Gears of War Aspho Fields by Karen Traviss.

The novel takes place between Gears of War and Gears of War 2, and bridges the256px-Gears_of_War_AF_Cover gap between the two games.  As the beleaguered Gears of the Coalition of Ordered Governments take a last stand to save mankind from extinction, the harrowing decisions made at Aspho Fields have to be relived and made again. Marcus and Dom can take anything the Locust Horde throws at them – but will their friendship survive the truth about Carlos Santiago?



Tomb Raider – PS3 and Xbox 360 – March 5th

This long awaited reboot of the Tomb Raider series looks to be a great game.  But, before you step into the boots of the new Lara Croft, you can explore the world of the orignal adventures in a series books.  The first of these was written in 2004:

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Amulet of Power by Mike Resnick.

4702985When a man rescues her from the ruins, it isn’t long before Lara is thrust into her next great adventure: a war that rages between two sides, the Mahdists and the Silent Ones. These two opposing forces believed that the long lost Amulet of Mareish, an artifact that supposedly grants it’s wearer invincibility, has been recovered by Lara from the Temple of Horus

So next time you pick up a game, why not visit your local St. Louis Public Library and make your gaiming session a little richer.

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