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Got Game?

Are you a gamer?  Do you live to pwn noobs on Call of Duty?  Are you the only person in your class that wants to run down the hall shouting: “Leeeroooooooy Jennnnnkins!”?  Well, if this is you, the Teen Lounge at Central is the place to be.

Every Friday from 3pm-5pm is our Got Game? program.  We will have a Xbox 360 with Kinect, plus a Wii U, all deliciously hooked-up to two, eye-bleeding big HDTVs, see pic below to experience said eye-bleeding:


But, not only will we have gaming on Fridays, but once the systems are installed, you can game anytime.  Simply present a valid library card to staff in the Teen Lounge, and recieve a controller of your choice – let the gaming begin!

Due to the ancientness of the staff in the Teen Lounge, we will also be having a Retro Got Game? at least once a month.  So, instead of your shiny and modern Xbox 360 and Wii U,  we will be gaming on video game systems from sometime around the reign of Queen Victoria (Don’t hate, a Monarchs got to game too!)  It might be an Atari 2600, or an original Nintendo Entertainment System.  We could bust out a Sega Genesis, or get busy with a N64.  You’ll never know unless you turn up!  This retro action will start today, January 4th.  We will have Nintendo’s 16-bit powerhouse with a bunch of games.  That’s right, St. Louis Public Library keeps it old school!

Also if you love to play on Xbox Live, or PSN, or if you want to swap Wii or 3DS friend codes, then the Teen Lounge has your back.  Use our Gamertag exchange sheet to share your tag, swap friend codes.  Meet fellow gamers,  get some new friends to play online with, then pwn them all!

And don’t forget, we also carry Xbox 360 and Wii games for you to check-out with your library card.  So, forget about Gamefly, get your game on for free!

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