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More Teen Book Reviews.

Teens have been reading alot of books in November, which is fantastic.

Kirsten B. who visits our Cabanne branch, gave us this review of The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson.  She mentioned that if this book was a person, she wouldn’t hesitate to like it on facebook.  With a swooniness factor of 8, Kirsten lets readers know to be prepared for some of that icky, lovey-dovey stuff.  Kirsten said that the cover and the sleeve blurb initially drew her in, but once she started reading, it was the characters that kept her hooked til the end.  She would definitely recommend it to a friend, and told us that she would pick Emma Stone to play the main character if there was ever a movie of the book made.

JoAnne L., who also visits our Cabanne branch, sent us this review of Sea Change by Aimee Friedman.  JoAnne has a Love/Hate relationship with this book, saying that if this book was a person in her school, she would like it on facebook, whilst at the same time she would throw food at it in the cafeteria.  Maybe this book is like Jersey Shore for JoAnne?  You know you shouldn’t enjoy it, but you can’t help yourself.  With a 9.8 in the swooniness department, this book is like watching two people make out infront of you on the bus-gross, but strangely compelling.  Just like Jersey Shore!

JoAnne mentions that this is the second-time she’s read the book.  That’s a solid recommendation if I’ve ever heard one.  JoAnne picked The Wayans Brothers as the perfect fit to play the main characters if this book was a movie.  I’m thinking Shawn as Brittany from White Chicks as the woman, and Marlon as Buster from Norbit as the man.  Romeo & Juliet eat your heart out!

An Oscar winning film without a doubt.  You heard it here first!

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