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A Well-spent Weekend.

Well, the weekend is over, and what a weekend it was.  There was the Yalsa Symposium, Andrew Smith and Read It Forward, Greg Neri at our Cabanne branch, hundreds of book signings, and to finish it all off, pizza and cupcakes.

The presentation at the Yalsa Symposium, “Guys Talkin’ to Guys: What Will Guys Read Next?” was hosted by St. Louis Public Library’s Young Adult Librarian.  This popular presentation had young adult authors-Anthony John, Torrey Maldonado, Greg Neri, and Andrew Smith-in a conversation with four St. Louis teens, about what guys read, and why they read.  The presentation was a hit, with a great crowd, and a lively debate.

The four St. Louis teens that participated in the debate:

A moment from the debate:

Authors and teens together:

That same evening, after visiting two local schools, our Read It Forward author Andrew Smith gave a presentation at the Carpenter Branch.  Andrew talked about all of his books, answered questions, entertained an enthralled crowd, and signed a bazillion books.  It was another great night at a St. Louis Public Library, as Andrew Smith himself said on his blog, “Over the past five days I’ve been here, somebody remarked that there are plenty of reasons why the St. Louis Public Library is rated number two in the nation, and I think I got to see some of those reasons during my visit . . . I spoke at the St. Louis Public Library in the evening, and even that event was packed with kids. In a library. On a cold, wet night.”  Check out the photos below!

Just a couple of the teens who got their Andrew Smith books sign:

Andrew Smith with Anthony John, and Greg Neri:

All-in-all it was a great weekend for St. Louis, St. Louis Public Library, teens, and readers in general.

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