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Something to Dull the Pain.

I know alot of people will be hurting today after San Francisco’s comeback victory, so to help ease that pain, we at Teen Services have come up with some new, and unique sports you can follow, now that the Cardinals are out of the play-offs.

First, lets explore the national game of Great Britain: Cricket.

This globally popular game is explored indepth in Cricket Explained by Robert Eastaway.

The complexities of the game of cricket are lost on most Americans. Eastaway, an avid cricketer, attempts to remedy this situation in a short yet inclusive look at a sport that is popular in Great Britain as well as numerous nations around the world, usually former British colonies. In addition to dispensing some basic history, the author attempts to show exactly what happens on the playing field, which player does what and why, and what all the baffling terminology (googly, flipper, cow corner, tonk, etc.) means.



Now lets explore Sumo.

David Benjamin’s Sumo: A Thinking Fans Guide to Japan’s National Sport is a great place to start.

Sumo is a fresh and funny introduction to the fascinating world of sumo, Japan’s national sport. Author David Benjamin peels away the veneer of sumo as a cultural treasure and reveals it as an action-packed sport populated by superb athletes who employ numerous strategies and techniques to overcome their gargantuan opponents. Sumo provides an engaging, witty, behind-the-scenes look at sumo today.




And lastly, we have Basque Pelota.

This dangerous sport has Spanish/Basque and French origins.

Basque pelota is the name for a variety of court sports played with a ball using one’s hand, a racket, a wooden bat or a basket, against a wall  or, more traditionally, with two teams face to face separated by a line on the ground or a net. Their roots can be traced to the Greek and other ancient cultures, but in Europe they all derive from tennis. The Basque term pilota comes from the Latin “pilum” (javelin) via Provençal “pilota” (ball).



I hope some of you find solace in one of these new sports.  If not, there’s always next year!

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