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Monster Monday with Teen Read Week.

This week is Teen Read Week, and with Halloween around the corner, we thought giving you a selection of scary reads would be a fitting way to celebrate Teen Read Week. Each day this week we will recommend some select titles for your reading pleasure.  What better way to start your Monday than with some monster madness?

The Monstrumologist: William James Henry by Rick Yancey.

With a roaring sense of adventure and enough viscera to gag the hardiest of gore hounds, Yancey’s series starter might just be the best horror novel of the year. Will Henry is the 12-year-old apprentice to Pellinore Warthrop, a brilliant and self-absorbed monstrumologist a scientist who studies (and when necessary, kills) monsters in late-1800s New England. The newest threat is the Anthropophagi, a pack of headless, shark-toothed bipeds, one of whom’s corpse is delivered to Warthrop’s lab courtesy of a grave robber. As the action moves from the dissecting table to the cemetery to an asylum to underground catacombs, Yancey keeps the shocks frequent and shrouded in a splattery miasma of blood, bone, pus, and maggots.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

Conor O’Malley, 13, is having a difficult time. At school, he copes with bullying and loneliness. His father is living in America with his new family, and at home he has to contend with a recurring nightmare that torments him every night. His mother is seriously ill and undergoing painful cancer treatments. One night, he wakes up to a voice calling his name. An ancient, treelike monster, hovering over him like a sleeping giant, has come to tell him three stories. When the monster is done, he wishes for Conor to tell him a fourth tale, wanting the scariest thing of all-the truth. The wise monster’s ambiguous tales contain unexpected outcomes and help demonstrate that not all stories have happy endings, but they can be more important than anything else if they carry the truth.

My Boyfriend is a Monster Series.

This graphic novel series, which is currently on it’s sixth iteration, follows the high-jinks of several couples, dealing with more than your average relationship.  From zombies, to elfs, to vampires, each book has a unique monster, and equally unique relationship problems.  With a different author and artist for each book, this series is a fun, fast, and frightning read.

Until tomorrow, stay scared!

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