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How to Score a Free Book From the Free Book Fairy.

So, as a library, we get lots of free books – Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARCS) to be exact (sometimes they aren’t even available in stores yet).  These ARCs are uncorrected proofs that are not for sale.  Here at Teen Services, we let teens read and keep these books (Grades 6-12 only, so sorry), in return for a brief review, which we then post on this very blog.  “How does one participant in such a wonderous program? “, I hear you cry.  Dismay not St. Louis teens, for salvation lies below.

Pop into your local branch, ask your Youth Services Librarian for an ARC and review sheet, and bob’s your uncle!  You have a free book!  Don’t forget to return the review sheet though!

Hark!  What is it those teenage voices proclaim? – “Is there another way to get a free ARC from St. Louis Public Library?”

Why, yes there is!  Lend me your ear as I reveal how.  If you post a comment on this blog telling us about the last book you read (doesn’t have to be an ARC), and mention what sort of genres you like, or post a comment and like us on facebook; don’t forget to add a first name and what branch you visit (or your book may languish in ARC purgatory).  Then the free book fairy will pick an ARC (trying to match your aforementioned tastes), have it magically ferried to the branch you list, where it will lie in anticipation (under your first name), of your next visit.

Don’t hesitate, the free book fairy is awaiting your comments.  Don’t disappoint him!

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