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Say Hello to the Wii U.

So, Nintendo finally dropped the details about their new system.  The Wii U will hit North American shores on Nov 18, just in time for the holiday rush. 

The initial launch has two systems and two price points: the white 8GB Basic model for $300, and a black 32GB Deluxe package for $350.  What do you get for your extra moolah, well Joystiq.com says:  “The 8GB Basic set includes a white console, matching white GamePad, AC adapters for both console and GamePad, Sensor Bar and an HDMI cable. Meanwhile, the black 32GB Deluxe set includes Nintendo Land, stands for both the console and the GamePad, a GamePad charging cradle and everything else that normally comes in the Basic set. Purchasing the Deluxe set also includes membership in the ‘Deluxe Digital Promotion,’ which rewards points for digital purchases that can later be used to buy eShop wares.”  So what package catches your eye?

Nintendo also annouced the initial line-up of launch games.  St. Louis Public Library hosts regular Got Game? programs at many of its branches.  We also hold a Super Smash Bros. tournament every year.  So, would you like to see the library upgrade to a Wii U?  Will you be lining up at midnight to pick up your own Wii U ?  Or will you be taking a “wait-and see” approach.  Let us know by commenting here or on our facebook page.

Check out the Wii U launch video below:

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