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Teen Book Reviews.

Who Am I Without Him? by Sharon Flake

 The book was all different kinds of stories.  It was really about men and women finding out who they are without a girlfriend or boyfriend.  My favorite story in the book was about a girl named Devita Mae Calloway and a boy named Jaquel.  In English class they had to write letters to each other about anything they wanted.  Jaquel didn’t want to do it because he was one of those boys who didn’t like to write but Devita already liked him so she didn’t have a problem with it.  They started writing and then they started liking each other more.  But then Devita stopped liking him so much because he was the hottest boy in school and got all of the girls and Devita didn’t like that.  There are a lot more stories in the book and if you want to read them just get the book Who Am I Without Him?

Review by Jershay S. from our Schlafly branch.




Mia F. from our Machacek branch read The Flint Heart by Katherine Paterson.  She enjoyed the book and mentioned that if the book was a person in her school she would: “Totally invite it to her party.”  She particularly liked the cover and artwork of the book.  The story was excellent, and kept her reading.  She would recommend it to her friends without hesitation.  Mia told us that she “Hopes the author will make a sequel.”



If you would like to write a book review for this teen blog, pop into your local St. Louis Public Library and ask your Youth Librarian how.  Don’t forget to check out our facebook page for upcoming teen programs and events.

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