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Read it Forward

Meet G. Neri, author of Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty, at Carpenter Branch Library on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 6pm.  Enter a raffle to win a Nook Color or book prize pack.  (Must be present to win.)  Books will be available for purchase.  Want to read another book by G. Neri?  Check out Chess Rumble, Surf Mules and Ghetto Cowboy at your St. Louis Public Library.

Carpenter Branch Library
3309 S. Grand Blvd

For more information call Teen Services at 314-657-1000.

Teen Book Reviews:

The story was sad, but it was a good book. Everything that happened in the book seemed to have went by really quickly. To me, the story of Yummy’s life demonstrated how one’s life can be easily ruined by the actions we do. The book showed how Yummy had a messed up life, maybe if he was given more attention maybe things could have turned out more differently because it was clear that he did have a good side to him.

I read Yummy and it was really good and I plan on passing it forward.

Yummy is an amazing book!  It inspires young people not to get caught up in gang related activities or violence.  It also tells the brave story of one such youth who saw it all.

I love this book so much that I felt what Yummy felt.

I really liked Yummy.  If there is another book by the author, I would read it.  I hated that Yummy died.  I thought he was a kid and not a monster.

It’s really sad, the last few moments of his life he called his grandma and just wanted to go home.  The book was sad, but it was good.  I would want him to be my friend.

It was good because it showed that kids his age shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. 

I personally liked the story because its the sad truth about how life can be cruel and that life is worth fighting for.

I loved the whole story.  Even though Yummy made bad mistakes, it still shows a scared little boy who is just influenced by the things around him and what he sees.  He looked up to the gang bangers as family cause his dad was in jail, his mother was a crackhead, and his grandmother took care of him and his 20 cousins. 

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