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Carpenter Teens Recommend

Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, My Story by Justin Bieber
I really liked this book, it really tells you what kid of person Justin Bieber is.  I would recommend it to any Justin Bieber fan.  I really liked how the book explains how passionate he is about his music and how much he loves his fans.  -Katie M.


Juicy Gossip by Erin Downing
Jenna Sampson is a seventh grade newspaper editor and writer for her school.  Her parents opened up a juice bar at the mall and made Jenna and her brother work there.  On the job, Jenna overheard gossip from her popular classmates.  When the school tells Jenna that the newspaper will no longer be running, Jenna decides to make a gossip column in the newspaper so she can save it.  -Ellen H.


Miss Popularity by Francesco Sedita
Cassie Knight is pretty, nice, and most importantly she’s stylish.  Cassie’s father’s job moves to Maine so Cassie says her goodbyes to Texas and all her friends.  At Cassie’s new school she barely has freedom.  The teachers are strict and they have to have a dress code.  In Maine hardly anyone likes Cassie and her style, so can Cassie be Miss Popularity again?  -Ellen H.

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