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Schlafly Teens Recommend

Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez

The authors had an amazing choice of words. They really made this book come to life. I felt as if I was a character in the book. This book was so vivid that when the main character, Martin Luna’s brother Eric (a.k.a Huero) was shot and killed, I felt like I was on of the people in the crowd trying to help, console, and comfort Martin. I also love this book because it relates to real things that are happening in the world around us on a daily basis. ~ Erin H.

Wanted: A Pretty Little Liars Novel by Sara Shepard

This book answered a lot of questions that the first “Pretty Little Liars” book did not. The secrets and twists keep you on edge and leave you wanting more! I was sad when I finished this book because I didn’t want it to end! I look forward to the next that are being released in the future. I know anyone who reads this book will also want to see the excitement from the new release.  ~ Anna M.

Will Smith is my favorite actor and he is the star in my favorite show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”  I love the book because Will Smith is very successful in what he does like rapping and acting. Will Smith started out as a rapper and R&B musician, but soon demonstrated considerable talent and charisma as an actor. This book entertains me and encourages me to be anything that I can be. That’s why I love this book Will Smith. ~ Daevon T.

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