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Carpenter Branch Poetry Circle

Love is a strong feeling for a person
But make sure the person you love,
Love you for who you are not what you are
by Akouvi

You can spend your life chasin’ your dreams.
Or a night chasin’ your needs.
And when you chase your dreams happiness is achieved.
But when you chase your needs money is only redeemed.
And what is money again?
Well I believe it’s make believe.
Something built not for the poor but what covers-up ones lack of self-esteem.
Something that gives one power over others to live life like a dream.
by Robel

Inside this space
This space and place I call
My heart
My Heart
Holds me by this
This illusion I call
Love that holds me so
So tight that I try
To breathe
But instead I just
Cry so much that
I can’t stand it
It makes me sick
This place and space I call
by Keili

Who is this person that enters my house?
Planting a seed and eventually it will sprout.
Who is this person that enters my head making me cry, smile, laugh, and turn in bed?
This person will enter if there is no wall, smooth and gently, but silent is his crawl.
We all want it in our life but once we have it we wonder if it’s there at all.
Who is this person that enters our heart.
This person is love.
Why do we need more when it was there from the start?
by Ricki

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