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Teen Volunteer Book Reviews by Quentin P.

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer is a fictional book written and illustrated by Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins.  The book starts off with a man and a piece of wood, and he sells it to Master Cherry the carpenter.  Mr. Cherry makes a hand carved puppet, which was Pinocchio.  Pinocchio isn’t who people think he is though.  He defended the city of Nasolungo and killed off hunting vampires.  Pinocchio isn’t just the puppet who lied and his nose got bigger, he was like Superman but the comic book way!  Pinocchio Vampire Slayer is a funny, well thought out book for teens to read.

Play Baseball Like a Pro by Hans Hetrick is a good book to read if you want to play baseball.  It’s a reliable resource because it shows you tips and key skill points to learn.  They teach you how to catch, field, throw and even how to throw a curveball and change-up!  It also tells you tips on how to become better if you play.

Play Football Like a Pro is a good reliable resource to learn how to play football and go far with the skill.  This book teaches you the most important skills and tips to playing like a pro.  If you do what they are telling you to do in this book, you will be a pro someday!  The book is written by Matt Doeden.

Essential Xmen by Chris Claremont is a hardcore fighting and action book with a joyful rush.  This book had powerful kicks and jaw breaking punches.  If you like fighting, I suggest you read this comic book.  You have never seen someone take fighting to the limit like they do in this book.  If you read this comic, there is no way that you will fall asleep.

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